How to install ‘Guest Additions’ on Kali linux


I had explained this in my previous post Learn to install Kali Linux on windows 7/8/8.1 too.

Many of us got stuck while we were installing guest additions in Kali Linux.
So  I will  explain it again in this post.


We need to install Guest Addition because the problem with Kali,which it doesn’t support yet,is the ability to resize the screen.The Resolution of the virtual machine stays the same.
You may have noticed the mouse pointer too.
So to remove these flaws,we will install Guest Additions.


1.But before installing reboot your Kali Linux. By clicking root icon on the top right corner and selecting Shut-down.




2.Create a snapshot once you are out of Kali.
With snapshots, you can save a particular state of a virtual machine for later use. At any later time, you can revert to that state, even though you may have changed the VM considerably since then.
Click on Snapshot>>Take Snapshot>Add Name(Anything you like)>>Add Description>>Ok




Installing Guest Additions

3.Reboot Kali Linux Before we install Guest Additions we need to install Linux Headers.Open the terminal window first.


4.We are going to go ahead and update the packages and headers.

root@kali:~# apt-get update && apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)


5.All the packages and Headers will be installed.


6.Once we go through that install process,Now we going to actually insert our Guest Additions.
Go to Devices>>Insert Guest Additions CD Image.


7.A dialog box will appear just click cancel. You can see that the file/disk is successfully mounted.


8.Now we have to copy this disk from the CDrom.So just type this command in terminal window . Press Enter

root@kali:~#cp media/cdrom/ /tmp/

Press Enter

root@kali:~# cd /tmp/

Press Enter

root@kali:/tmp# chmod 755

Press Enter

root@kali:~# ./

Press Enter

It goes ahead Builds the modules and it will install it.


Now once our guest additions are install we will have to restart our virtual Machine.

9.Type ‘reboot‘ in command and hit enter or do the manual way by clicking in root icon.
The VM will restart itself.

Once you reboot it,The window will fit with the screen or it will change to the size you desire.
All the previous flaw are now disposed.


Compare the picture above step 1,with this picture below.See the Difference.
isn’t the screen fitting with window.


Great We are done!!

Now just one last thing we have to do.Create a Snapshot

10.Shut Down your virtual Machine as shown in step 1.
And Create a Snapshot as explained in step 2.




Your Guest Additions are installed.
Use this Linux distro for learning only.If you are a beginner do not try those application if you don’t know anything about them.

Message me if you want a tutorial on any other software.I will drop a post for you 😉 🙂

Comments will be appreciated 🙂